Welcome to Cozen City

A city of great deeds, mighty heroes and sinister villains, Cozen is a bustling stage for the everyday struggles of our champions. The city provides a myriad of backdrops, from the theaters of Halogen Hills & the Stock Markets of Midtown to the everyday grime of working the Shallow Holme Nuclear Power Plant. Cozen has a little bit of everything, just like its many residents; some people have been enamoured by superheroes ever since Captain Justice made his speech on Freedom Island, announcing when the Champions of Freedom joined the Allied struggle of WW2. Other people see the gangs of super-thugs terrorising the town and wonder what a world without supers might be like. The heroes can find people in Cozen to be full of opinions, but rarely above accepting a helping hand in dire times. So don your cape and stomp the streets of Cozen City, we’re looking for heroes like you to take up the mantle of the Champions and defend the people against the countless evils of humanity given power.

Cozen City